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Features of Remote Control Jammers


The latest technologies are great and this is why you if you are keen on this type of things you will definitely start looking for different gadgets which are both functional and interesting. Because of this reason I would like to tell you a few words on my experience with such gadgets. I like buying different devices, and as a matter of fact this is something like a hobby of mine. This is why I’m always searching for new stuff and you can imagine how big my amazement was when I found out that there are remote control jammers.


As I mentioned in the beginning these jamming devices are great for lots of reasons. The first thing that caught my attention is that they are actually really small. Almost any model can fit into your pocket. Of course there are bigger ones but I don’t think you will like the price, especially when you know that even the smallest devices are pretty expensive considering the fact they are new on the   jammer catalog. So actually when I bought my jammer what made a strong impression on me was the long life of the battery. I don’t know how they managed to do that, but actually the battery lasts really longer than the battery on my cell phone jammer. Plus, as I said, most of the signal jammers are portable and can easily fit into anyone’s pocket. Because of this reason it is really easy to jam the signal of remote controls all around you.


Now I want to say a few words on how to buy remote control signal jammer. The first and most important thing you need to check before you make some shopping is that you will have to check if your authorities allow you to possess such devices. Believe it or not but most of the countries worldwide are abandoning the usage of any blocking technology and cell phone jammers, remote control jammers and even GPS jammers are considered to be such devices. So if you don’t want to have problems with the authorities make sure that you have checked you laws.  If you have already done that then you might want to check the internet. There are lots of different websites which are offering various jammers.


Basically you will have the chance to choose among wide variety of remote jammers depending on your budget and expectations. The decision is entirely in your hands. As a matter of fact you should know that the remote control blockers are a bit more expensive than any other frequency jammers simply because they are fairly new. I believe that after some months the prices will start decreasing and if you don’t have money for this device now, you’d better wait a couple of months and get it on half price or so. Beside anything else, the TV remote jammers are great for pranks and you will see this the moment you turn it on and everyone start wondering why their remote control is not working.

At last, about the remote control jammers, i mean that RF jammers, it usually widely used in any kinds remotes or keys with frequency from ( 250MHz-915MHz).  No matter what is car key, garage doors , home alarm remotes, and so on...

According to my experience:

For many kind famous Germany car key 90% are 868MHz, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz..

Some others EU cars 90% are 433.92mhz.

For many Japenese car key are 315MHz

For the American cars half 315MHz and Half 433.92MHz.

EXCEPT above said common frequency, also it has some other frequency , such as 310MHZ,314MHz, 390MHz, 418MHz ....

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