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About Working Modes of Remote Control Switch

1. Generally, Wireless remote control switch is now used widely in our daily life. The remote control for anti-theft alarm, remote control electric windows, signal control, industrial control, lifting equipment, Electrical control circuit, etc.
Remote control switch module relay contact Independent output, Very suitable for direct control of various types of load.

First part:  

Wireless remote control with fixed code coding technology, No direction, switches without disturbing each other. we only need soldering it. 


Then REMOTE SWITCH decode IC is PT2272

Second part: 

The learning code remote control switch is more easy to use. we only press remote control buttons and switch button to match.

Usally, Its REMOTE CONTROL IC IS EV1527, HT12E....

it can match decode IC directly. no soldering.

2. Working Modes:

  • Toggle: Control mode Toggle: Press -> On; Press again -> Off. 
  • Latched:Control mode Latched: Press -> On, other relays Off; Press other button -> Off. 
  • Momentary:Control mode Momentary : Press and hold -> On; Release -> Off

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