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Product name: Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Blocker


Product No.: NT-101H

Technical Parameters: 

Isolating signal band width are: 

  • CDMA: 869-890MHz
  • GSM: 925-960MHz
  • DCS: 1805-1880MHz
  • PHS: 1900-1925MHz. 

Effective Isolating/shielding range: 4 ~50 meters.

Suitable for Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, etc. 
Working time: It can work stably for a long time. 
Environment temperature: -40degree to +55 degree. 
Relative humidity: -30%- 95%. 
Power Adapter: Input AC160V-240V, Output DC 5V. 
Antenna output power: 12W ( each antenna 3 watt ) depend on installingplaces 
Product dimension: 250x145x52mm 
Gift box diemension: 280x330x80mm


This Mobile phone signal jammer (signal isolator) productis suitable for where forbid to use mobile phone. 
The Mobile phone signal isolator will make effect only on thecommunication of mobile phones, instead of on other electronic devices andhuman bodies. 

Main Functions: 
1.4-Channel type can efficiently provide shield for mobile signals fromCDMA, GSM, DCS and PHS. 
2. It only shields the signals from mobile phone and does not affect thenormal operation of other electronic devices. 
3. Generally, please use your mobile phone at the places more than 200 metersaway from the base station. 
4. Switching on, it can work stably for a long time. 
5. Slow start-up circuit can avoid sparkling caused by mechanicalswitch. 

Widely used: 
1. Conference room, autitoriums, law court, library, exam room, school,cinema, theater, and hospital, etc. 
2. Oil Station, gas filled station, oil field, oil depot, etc. 
3. At places where using mobile phone is prohibited such as government,military, finance, security, police and command center, etc. 
4. Channel types can efficiently provide shield for mobile signals fromCDMA, GSM, DCS and PHS. 


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