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Product name: Universal 10-Antennas High Power 100watt Cellphone Signal 2/3/4/5G Jammer WiFi Bluetooth Signal Blocker

Universal 10-Antennas High Power 100Watt Cellphone Signal 2/3/4/5G Jammer WIFI Bluetooth Signal Blocker

Product No.: NT-150K10

Detailed technical parameters
Band parameter channel operating frequency average output power
2G 870-880 10W
2G 925-960 10W
2G 1805-1920 10W
3G 2010-2025MHz 10W
3G 2110-2175 10W
4G 2300-2390MHz 10W
WIFI 2400-2485MHz 10W
4G 2550~2675MHz 10W
5G 3400-3600 8W
5G 4800-4900 8W

Host size 321*185*80 (without mounting ears)
Antenna size 352*19*19 (10 root length)
Machine weight 4.5Kg
Ambient temperature -40°C~55°C
Relative humidity 35~85%
Power consumption ≤240W
Power input AC 160V~240V
Power output DC 24V/12A
Installation height 1.8m~2.5m
Installation environment indoor

Application place
This mobile phone signal shielding device can be widely used in: the judicial industry (prison, detention center, labor camp, public security, courts, procuratorates, etc.); education industry (school examination room, teaching classroom, bedroom, social test sites, education and training institutions); Various conference rooms of party and government organs and administrative institutions; warehouses, workshops, production lines of factories and mines; troops and important secret places, theaters, concert halls, memorial halls, auditoriums, etc.
Technical Parameters
Shielding range: radius 5 ~ 50 meters (-75dBm, indoor transparent environment, depending on the surrounding base station)
Transmitting power: the whole machine is 90W, 2G3G4G, each channel is 10W5G8W
Shielded signal types: 5G 4G (LTE FDD, TD-LTE), 3G (TD/WCDMA/CDMA2000), GSM900 (Mobile/Unicom 2G), CDMA (Telecom), DCS1800 (Mobile/Unicom 1800M) Wi-Fi (Bluetooth/ Wireless LAN), (output channel: ten outputs)
Ten channel outputs, 2G3G4G RF power per channel 10W; 5G RF power per channel 8W
Effectively shield all 2G, 3G, 4G 5G WIFI signals from Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom;
In particular, the power boost for 3G and 4G is strengthened, and the output power of each channel is guaranteed to be no less than 10W in full;
The host adopts DC 24V power supply and is equipped with a precision voltage regulator circuit. Even if the voltage fluctuates greatly, it will not affect the normal operation of the host;
The main body of the shield is designed by a professionally designed heat dissipation structure. The style is simple, beautiful, and generous without losing the fashion design.
High temperature resistant environment, can quickly transfer heat to the entire heat exchange surface (ie, heat sink fins) to avoid local accumulation of heat;
The air inlets and air outlets on both sides are symmetrically arranged to form convection, and the two silent fans immediately discharge the heat of the power amplifier to ensure stable operation of the host;
It can be continuously turned on and used for many years, with stable performance and long service life;

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