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Product name: Blue Color Portable 4 Antennas Cellphone Signal Jammer WIFI Blocker

Blue Portable 4 Antennas Cellphone Signal Jammer Blocker 
Product number: NT-121F

Key Specifications/Special Features:
About the product
1. Portable wireless signal blocking device, only for the mobile phone, 3G, WIFI, and other equipment
2. No interference to other electronic devices, harmless to the human body
3. can be widely used in small places: the special places of security and confidentiality, a private office, confidential office, conference room, mobile political and business security guard spot, party and government organs and more
4. Blocking distance: between 15-50 meters

5. For global mobile signal frequency:
- Frequency of CDMA: 850MHz-885MHz
- Frequency of GSM: 930MHz-970MHz
- Frequency of DCS: 1800MHz-1880MHz
- Frequency of PHS: 1900MHz-1920MHz
- Frequency of 3G: 2110MHz-2170MHz
- Frequency of WiFi: 2400MHz-2480MHz

6. Signal power: 3W

Specification: General

Product size: 17cm x 5.2cm x 1.3cm

Weight: 105g

Package Included

Package contents:
1 x signal cutter
1 x USB cable
1 x charger
1 x car charger

4 x antenna

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