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Product name: Universal Cloning Gate Garage Remote Control Fob adjustable frequency 270MHz-450MHz

 Product Feature

 Product NO.: NT-CRA1
Battery supply: Voltage 12V, current :23A,

When the remote distance is not enough ,the power is not enough to supply ,pls change it.
The duplicator working frequency range is 270MHZ~450MHZ ,pls check your original remote controller belongs to which frequency ,and adjust the duplicator to that frequency what you need. 

How to copy the remote controller you want?

Before you copy , pls use the right frequency remote controller , eg, the duplicating remote controller it is 433MHZ , then the one you want to copy must be 433MHZ ,not 315MHZ or others.

1-- clear out factory code

Clear out Factory code:

Press the LOCK button and the UNLOCK button at the same time, after 2sencods ,the LED starts flash 3times ,then stop, pls keep press the LOCK button and releave the UNLOCK button ,then press 3 times the UNLOCK button ,the LED will flash quick ,that means delete factory code successful. 

2--COPY code

take the original remote controller by your left hand , and the duplicating remote controller on the right hand ,take them together .  press the two buttons in the same time,eg ,press two LOCK BUTTON in the

same time (one is from original remote controller ,one is from duplicating remote controller ) . after 3seconds , it will flash ,then stop .This means the duplicating remote controller 's LOCK BUTTON has learned

the code from the original remote controller'LOCK BUTTON.

other button ,same operation.


3--Recovery the lost code

Recovery the lost   code you have learned:

When you have copyed the code from original remote controller , but your carlessness and clear them out  , then you can recover them  by press the last two buttons(not the LOCK and UNLOCK button) at the same time. About three seconds , the led will flash 3times ,and then quick flash ,this means it recover the code you have learned.


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