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Product number: NT-SC04

Motion detection videorecording 
providing successive video making over 12 hours 
remote control to turn on motion detection mode 
Pixel: 2million CMOS, Resolution: VGA640*480 


This is not only a normal clock but a motiondetection clock sensor camera DVR with external TF card memory and a newhigh-tech multi-functional product integrating video making, sound recording,photo shooting, network chatting, electronic alarming clock and storage. motiondetection Clock is provided accompanying with high-capacity battery, which canprovide successive video making over 12 hours and successive card; it can workfor a long time. It is more convenient for remote operations. Featuring highimperceptibility, it is a best helper for household, anti-theft and evidencecollection. Different motion detection camera, this Shepr Multi-function clockhas a remote control. With the remote, you can select whether the clock takevideo/audio record or motion detection records. 

This Product is a HD 30-frame (640x480) remotemonitoring clock 
Supports 32GB Micro SD Card at 40 min per 1GBvideo recording 
Clock functions as video recorder, soundrecorder, motion sensor camera, alarm clock, and media storage 
Powered by High Capacity battery 
Pixel: 2million CMOS 
Resolution: VGA640*480 
Video format: AVI 
Frame number:30 fps 
Visual angle:72 
Photo format: JPEG1600*1200 
Min lightness: ILUX 
Battery capacity:2200MA 
Continuous video making duration: 12hours 
Distance of remote controller: 18m 
Sound recording scope: 40 Square Meters 
Power consumption: 130MA/3.7V 
Storage temp: -20-80C 
Operation temp: -10-60C 
Operation humidity: 15-85%RH 
Memory card type: TF card( memory card noincluded) 
Memory card capacity: 32GB at most 
Playing software: Media player/KM Player 
Equivalent USB interface: USB1.1/2.0 
Operation system: Windows 2000/xp/Vista32 
Storage consumption: 1GB/40 minutes 
Charging time: About 4 hours 
5 key operations: HR,MIN,SET,LIGHT,and TALK/SNZ 
3 bits and a half are used for displaying hourand minute;and the itme display can shift frim 12hours to 24hours. 
Multiple alarming sounds for option:beep,cockcrowing, and five sweet songs. 
The alarming clock has lazy mode and the timeinterval is 10minutes;and the alarming times can reach 6 at most. 
Two optional hourly chime functions. 
Beep sound of the alarm clock get louder fromslight to medium, and then from medium to loud, the whole duration can last fro1 minute. 
When a song is selected as alarming sound, hourchime will begin after the alarm ends. 

Package Includes 

1 pcs Multifunction Clock Motion DetectionCamera 
1 pcs USB data cable 
1 pcs User manual 
1 pcs charger 
1pcs remote control 
(Packed no include memory card) 


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