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Product name: New 8GB Audio Digital Voice Recorder Pen

New 8GB Audio Digital Voice Recorder Pen



  • Kirsite shell, ultra-thin body, sapphire double mirror, borderless integrated design.Professional recorder pen chip, dual core noise reduction, 1536Kbps HD linear recordingHD OLED full Chinese display screen. Support 22 languages
  • Record with pressing only one button. Support acoustic control recording monitor 
  •  Support recording with definite time, recording segmentation, recording scene.
  •  Support MP3/WMA/FLAC/APE and other lossless music formats, which can reach HIFI level (MP3).
  •  Support the circulatory function, repeat playback of the A-B section and other functions. Support the speed-changed adjustment function.
  •  Built in high fidelity loudspeaker. Share wonderful sounds freely.
  • Password starting up function. Protect the internal data of the machine to prevent betray confidential matters 
  •  Super long time recording, super high capacity battery inside. Low voltage automatic detection and protection function, automatic shutdown within 5 minutes' standby without operation
  • Bookmark positioning function. Listen to the middle part of the music/ voice at any time.
  • Support USB2.0 computer connection, easy to upload and download voice or music.  


  • Material;Zinc alloy housing + external speaker
  • Color:Black 
  • Recording bite:1536KBPS
  • Maximum recording segments:A total of 999 segments 
  • Frequency response range of the recording playback :8KHZ to 48KHZ
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:>80db 
  • Actual maximum output:300mw
  • Music format:MP3,WAV,WMA,nondestructiveAPE,FLAC,etc. 
  • Battery :3.7V/ 200MA A lithium battery
  • Working time:18hours 
  • Play time:3hours
  • Display screen:1.2 inches (OLED Ultra HD) 
  • USB communication standard:High speed 2.0

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