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Product name: 220V Gas Leak Detector Alarm

Product No.: NT-GA01


  • Working voltage AC110V/220V
  • Static power <5W
  • Gas concentration alarm 0.5%-1%
  • Transmitting frequency 315MHZ / 433MHZ
  • Temperature -15~+50°C
  • Max power ≤2W
  • Density of Alarm 
  • City Gas: 0.5%1.0 
  • Natural Gas: 0.5%1.5 
  • LPG: 0.5%1.0
  • Voltage: DC12V AC 110V 220V 240V
Alarm Wirelessly: Alarm with noise and light, radiating 260-480MHZ frequency signal
Alarm wired: Alarm with noise and light, outputting the signal of relay ofon/off.
Environment: Humidity≤97RH ,
Temperature -15~+50 Celsius

How to use:
1.Installation site: In 1.5 meters from the source of gas ,The LPG must be 0.3m above the ground; while the naturalgas and the city gas should be 0.3mfar from the ceiling.

2.Green lamp: Power signal, Light for Alarm; Red lamp: Alarm lamp, Light forAlarm; Button: for testing the alarm function, pressing this key ,the red lamp turn on withD. noise sent out by the Buzzer.

3.The alarm begins to work after 3 minutes power on .when the examine air densityattains to the point of alarm, the red lamp will light and the annunciatorsounds; while it is lower this point, stop alerting.

4.When the annunciator sounds, it also sendout the wireless signal of 2-3 second (wireless type ) or the signal of relay(widely)for on /off to the host computer at the same time

5.The processing method: when it alarm, open the doors and windows, turn off thesource of the gas, Forbid switching power or presenting the kindling material.Report the department concerned, ask for the professional.

6.Themethods of wiring:+12V for red wire, wire the ground for the black wire. Theoutput switch K wires to the ON,G wires the public, A and B wires the OFF

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