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Product name: Strong Power 315mhz and 433.92mhz car remote control jammer blocker

Product No. : NT-JM2C2

Strong Power Car Remote Control Jammer 315MHz and 433.92MHz
The latest remote control jammer with high sensibility and stability. It make the anti-theft alarm fail to receive the remote control signal, loss the ability of remote control and warning. Suit for all remote controller. The extent of jamming is as far as 50 meters.

This product is a high-power dual-frequency wireless transmitter. Within a certain range, it is possible to mask out a radio signal on the same frequency, specifically for some occasions the use of radio apparatus cheating, such that cheating wireless signal VALID. Factory set to 315 MHz and 433.92MHz frequency, other frequencies can be customized according to customer requirements.

Technical parameters

  • With operating voltage DC9V ( Rechargeable lithium battery)
  • Operating Current 120mA (single frequency) 240mA (dual frequency)
  • Operating frequency of 315/433.92 MHZ
  • Covering a radius of 50-100 m
  • Dimensions 120 * 90 * 35 mm
  • Before operation: charging 3-4 hours.

Operation ways:
1, open the key reversal ON, two full-bright lights, wireless signal bug simultaneously launched more than two frequencies.
2, the lower right corner of DC9V/500mA power plug, plug in the power after the next red light.
3 out of the use antenna ANT1 ANT2, keep your hands away antenna.
4, a frequency is used alone, only need to pull out the corresponding antenna is 433.92MHz, ANT1, ANT2 for 315MHz.
5, battery-powered, shielding off 30 meters above two frequency wireless signal.

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