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Product name: Universal Portable Car Remote Control 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz Jammer 10W 3 Bands Remote Control Jammer

Product Description
Universal Portable Car Remote Control 315MHz 433MHz 868MHz Jammer 
10W 3 Bands Remote Control Jammer

One of our the best high power portable models with 3 bands to jamming Car Remote Controls on 315Mhz, 433Mhz and 868Mhz
Additional Special Features 
  • Jamming Range: Radius 30-100 meters
  • Working time:    3 Hours,  Battery:Ni-Mh battery 8000mA H
  • Good cooling system with heat sink and fan inside
  • Can support use while battery charging, But don't suggest use like that always.
  • Support Powered by car cigarette charger
  • Power supply:    AC100-240V Plug and DC12V Car Charger
Technical Specifications
RF Characteristics
Total Output PowerUp to 10W
Power SupplyAC100-240V and 12V Car Charger
Modules Per Unit3
Antennas3 Omni Directional Antennas
SMA-Type Connector
Jamming Frequency Range
Frequency Band And
RF Output Power
  • 1. 315 MHz 4W
  • 2. 433 MHz 4W
  • 3. 868MHz 2W
  • Total: 10W
Physical Data
Dimensions177.5 x76.5x36.5mm
Weight  Approx. 1Kg
Environment of operation
Operating Temp-20ºC - +50ºC
Humidity5% - 95%
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice
1. Do not power on if antenna s are not connected.
2. The functional coverage is greatly affected if antennas are not installed
correctly. Do ensure the antennas are properly connected before usage.
3. When power on, keep away from computer, notebook PC, television, audio
and AM/FM radio to prevent interferences.
4. The normal operational temperature is about 6 5 ° C. If the temperature is
higher than the above, turn off the power immediately and contact local
agent for help.
5. Its functional coverage will depends on the location and strength of the
ambient mobile phone base stations.
6. Placing the device on higher position for better coverage. 2 meters height
is recommended.
7. The Ni-MH rechargeable battery has estimated 500 times recharge cycles.
Please contact the local agent to replace battery if it is not rechargeable.

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