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Product name: 12ch Radio Controller RF Wireless Remote Control Switch


Control Lights, TV, Motors, Fans, Cameras, Video Signals, Audio Signals,Electric Doors/Locks/Windows/Curtains/Cars or Other Appliances with voltage AC110~240V or DC 0~28V.
You can turn on/off the receiver with transmitter (remote control) from anyplace, the wireless signal can pass through walls, floors, and doors.
Reliable control: The transmitter (Encoding) and the receiver (Decoding) use an8-bits code.
One/several transmitters can control one/several receivers.
If you use two or more receivers in same place, you can set them with differentcodes.
Transmitting Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz.


Specificationof receiver:
Channel: 12 CH
Control Types: Toggle, Momentary, Latched, Toggle+ Momentary
Decode: Learning code
Power Supply (Operating Voltage): DC12V
Relay: 10A/120VAC, 20A/14VDC
Work Voltage Range of Relay: AC 110~240V or DC 0~28V
Receiver Box Size: 100mm x 80mm x 30mm
State current: ?6mA
Specification of Transmitter:

Remote control distance: 1000m-3000ft
Encode: Fixed code, Soldering
Size: 125mm x 49mm x 20mm
Power Supply: 1 x 23A-12V battery (included)

Toggle: Press->On; Press again->Off
Latched: Press->On; Press other button->Off
Momentary: Press and hold->On; Release->Off
Toggle + Momentary: channels 1~6 for Toggle, channels 7~12 for Momentary.

Package include:
12CH receiver & SwitchX1
12CH Transmitter X 1



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