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Product name: 100MHz to 2600MHz Bug and Cellular phone detector CC307

Produtct number: NT-CC307

100MHz to 2600MHz Bug andCellular phone detector CC307

Detect the micro wave of 100M-2.6GHZ wireless cameras and bugs upto about 20 feet

detecting the micro wave,also perform the same superior ability indetecting other bands.

It discovers the hearing bug and cellular phone at furtherdistance. Advanced sensitivity tuner

Multi-channel Fuzzy Scanning

Switchable Vibrate Detection

Distinguish Camera, Bug and Cellular phone

Battery Low Warning

Audible/LED Alarm

Detecting Distance: up to 20 feet

Scanning range: 100MHz to 2600MHz

Operation mode: auto/manual

Battery life: 30 hours

Internal power: AA battery 1.5V x 2

Frequency display: LED

Dimension: :79x53x16mm

Approved: CE / FCC

After sales service: 1 year warranty

This detector will detect hidden cameras, audio bugs, transmittingor live cell phones, WIFI or any other wireless transmitter operating in the0MHz to 6GHz range.

Vibration detecting Mode: When the switch buttom is put to the upposition it will be in Vibration detecting mode. 
Silent detecting Mode: Plug an earphone into the earphone jack andyou are in silent detecting mode.

How to differentiate wireless camera, bug and mobile phone: Thefrequency of a wireless camera or bug is incessantly on. 
The frequency of a mobile phone is not continuous so theindicator light will also be on  discontinuously



Discovers the hearing bug and cellular phone at further distancewith advanced sensitivity tuner

The detection distance is a maximum of 32 feet (10 meters)

Switchable vibrate detection

Distinguish camera, bug and cellular phone

Internal Power: AAA battery 1.5V x 2

Frequency Display: LED

Dimension: 87x53x16mm

Color: Silver

Frequency: 0MHz ~ 6.0GHz 
Work Voltage 3V
Work Current: Alert 8mA, Vibration 70mA 
Battery: AAA/UM-4 dry cell (2) 

CE &FCC approval

3.Products detail


1 x silver RF detection device

1 x Earphones

1 x Instruction booklet




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