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Product name: Wireless Dual-Band GPS/GSM RF Signal Detector for Anti-Camera Listen Bug/GPS Tracking

Product No.: MD311


  • Sensitivity: ≤0.05mw
  • Detection frequency: 1--6000MHZ
  •   Battery: 3.7V lithium battery
  •  Length of antenna: 89mm
  •  Size of device without antenna: 118*61.8*22mm

Operation method:

  • Upon the detection, please turn on the switch and the LED that is on means the power supply is functioning normally. 
  •  This product has 10 individual light-emitting indicators in a row, please keep 2-4 individual indicators ON during the operation and move this product from side to side slowly; 
  • if the individual indicators are flashing in red, it means there may be suspicious object around;
  •  the more indicators are ON in red, it indicates the closer the suspicious object is. 
  •  In order to confirm the exact position of the suspicious object, you can keep 2-3 individual indicators ON to narrow the detection range and to find the suspicious object in the end.

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