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Product name: Wireless GPS Signal Camera Detector IP Lens GSM RF Finder CC308+ Full-range CCTV Camera detector

Productnumber: NT-CC308

WirelessGPS Signal Camera Detector IP Lens GSM RF Finder CC308+ Full-range CCTV Cameradetector


Laserdetection camera distance of 10cm-10m (the naked eye can identify canflashing).

Radiodetection of camera range 5cm-10m (according to the camera decided to transmitpower distance)  

*Power in the 50mv-200mv detection range 30-50cm

*Power in the 300mv-600mv detection range 100-200cm

*Power in the 800mv-1200mv detection range 300-800cm

*Power built-in lithium polymer battery 45mAH

*Current consumption 8mA

*Probe laser wavelength of 920mm

*Receive frequency range 1MHz-6500MHz

*Special dedicated optical lens filters

*Material ABS

*Size:93mm x 48mm x 17mm

*Weight: 0.2kg 



1)With auto-detection function, the host to carry, when the live environment ofeavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, Casino gambling fraud, etc...the hostwill be in your auto-body vibration prompts risk

2)With a signal strength indicator lights that can quickly find the signal atsource

3)Adjust potentiometer adjustable sensitivity. (Greater sensitivity to widen thescope of or reduce the sensitivity to detect reduced Detection range) quicklyidentify the waves at source

4)Detection mode: 1. Laser detection, 2. Vibration (Mute) detection, 3. Beep detection,4 LED display detection, 5. Headset

5)Low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery.

6)Laser detection: Windows host can be seen through the eyes of all within sightof the camera facing the camera. Wireless Sweep: frequency detection range(1MHz-6.5GHz)


3.Products detail



1 x Full-frequency detector 

1x Charger

1 x Earphone

1X User Manual



1)Detect whether your car or office wireless eavesdropping devices to beinstalled, wireless listening devices

2)Detect whether the phone has been tapped or abnormal (standby transmit signalsfrom outside for no reason)

3)Your car to detect whether the eavesdropping device was installed GPS tracking,GPS location tracker

4)Detecting your working environment and residential buildings have rooftop basestation radiation

5)Detection SMS send and receive signals, cell phone internet signals, cell phoneswitch and call signals

6)Detect wireless network signal, cell phone base station signal s, wirelessmotioning system of the filed strength

7)Detect whether the leakage of household electrical appliances such as microwaveovens, etc on the human body against electromagnetic radiation

8)Detect whether they have been living in the environment know as the"mobile phone killer" strong radiation

9)Detect whether the circumstances are suspicious live radio signals

10)Detect more covert videotaping 5.8GHz wireless camera, wireless eavesdroppingdevices, wireless monitor the signal

11)Check hotels, toilets, entertainment venues, changing rooms, anti-wirelesspinhole camera

12)Business negotiations, school examiner places, factories, military facilitiesor government agencies eavesdrop anti-photographed

13)In the ATM machine withdrawals, movie theaters, concerts, art galleries or museumssuch as anti-wireless photographed

14)Purchase of buildings, first to detect whether the electromagnetic radiationhazards to human health


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