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Product name: T8000 Anti-eavesdropping RF detector GPS detector wireless positioning Gadgets

Model No: T8000

Function introduction

Each for small wide and short wireless detection, mainly used to detect the working touti iv device in the target site, can search and determine the location. 
It is a relatively advanced portable wireless signal detection I duo.
Various wireless signal detector industry each, mainly against the current in a state of flood in the total pressure of various kinds of exam, bluetooth headset, walkie-talkies, small radio, ShouBiaoShi pagers, wireless miniature cameras all wireless signal transmission 
Shu ready: this product can accurately detect various types (including agent against screen, headphones, mini torsional loading signal detector I like 3 characteristics:
Female professional wireless signal detection device, high sensitivity, adjustable threshold. 
The detection frequency range is large:
Female voice, light alarm instructions to operate arrow only, easy to use, accurate and reliable
Women are suitable for safety inspection in examination rooms, military, government, security, public security, business and other important placesWomen have good electromagnetic compatibility
Women are small and easy to carry around 
Technical indicators of wireless signal detector:

Detection tilt range;IOMHz - 8000 MHZ
Hitoshi period; 25 MHZ to 6000 MHZD
etection sensitivity: so.05mw (I required frequency band)
Detection dynamic range:  >70Db
Indicator force type 1:9-level LED light indicator/variable tone indicator

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