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Product name: Professional Wireless RF Signal Bug Detector CX007

Product Number: NT-CX007

Wirelessspy devices (both video and audio types) Detector CX007


CX007adopt the latest American technology, the detection capabilities is moresensitive, and the detection range even further. The detection method of thisproduct combine the active laser scanning with passive frequency scanning, Itcan accurately identify bugs, tracking devices , wireless pinhole camera, wirdcamera and electrical radiation source etc. It can effectively preventeavesdropping, recording, corrupt acts to protect your privacy.

1.Laser detection range: 0.1m-10m
2.Radio wave detection range : 0.05m-20m( According to the transmitting power of the camera)
Capacity : 50πw-200πw detection range: 0.3-0.5m;
Capacity: 300πw-600πw detection range:1-2m;
Capacity: 800πw-1200πw detection range: 3-20m.
Power: 180mAh built in battery.
Working current: 8mA-20Ma.
The detection laser wavelength: 920nm.
Receiving frequency range: 1MHz- 4500MHz.
Lens: special optical lecs.
Material: ABS.

1 x Full-frequency detector
1x Charger
1 x Earphone
1X User Manual
1)frequent use of bank cards populations.
2)To the hotel for the family trip home crowd.
3)Easily photographed the beautiful woman.
4)Consumption of those who frequented places of public entertainment.
5)Frequented by a variety of shopping malls try people
6)Respect their privacy of persons with others
7)Contacts, trade secrets are kept.
8)Trade secrets secret places of security personal and technology.
9)Anti-candid professional, anti-eavesdropping person.

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