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Product name: Wireless RF Signal Repeater NT-R01


1.  Features and Specifications

Working Voltage: DC 12V

Operating Current: 150mA-180mA

Transmitting Frequency: 315MHz or 433.92MHz( Customized is optional)

Receiving time: 3 s (Not transmitting signal when it received)

Transmitting time: 3-10 s  (Not receiving signal when it transmitted)

Oscillation resistance: 1.5M-4.7M

Transmitting distance: 3000m.

Widely used in encode IC: 2262,2264,2260,1527,2240… etc.

MAX items: At most learn 100 items.

2.       To learn:

Press learning button a few seconds until indicator is flashing, release hands. Then press the transmitter, led is off.

It learns successfully.

3.       To delete:

Press button 3 s, the indicator flashes until it is off, release your hands , it deletes successfully.

4.       Notes:

1) None code : no learning, no transmitting

2)Transmitting time should not be too long, 3s-10s is the best time! Avoid to a long time destroying the transmitter module.

3) The middle one is the transmitting indicator, the left one is the learning indicator and the right one is the power indicator.

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