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Product name: Anti-Spy Camera Bug Detector GPS Tracker Finder Sweeper P7000

Product introduction

P7000 detector belongs to the fifth generation detector. The new function allows you to view radio waves directly. More suitable for professional people do accurate analysis and positioning.This product is the directional development of security instruments on the market for various bugs, car trackers, mobile phones undercover software, wireless pinhole cameras, casino scams with instruments and other products.The product fully meets this field of military/police reconnaissance


Directions for use

Radio wave detection

 Connect the RF antenna, turn on the "power switch", the power indicator lights up, Adjust the "sensitivity knob" after the LCD screen is started and the screen display is normal. Make the waveform amplitude to the appropriate position, and then turn the "signal indicating adjustment" knob, When the signal is weak, the 2 of LED in front of the "signal indicator" lights up,

When the signal is strong, the "signal indicator" is all on.

 When the signal is full, there is a "beep" sound. The sound follows the signal enhancement becomes rapid.

Mark full representation. The faster sound you hear, the closer you are to the suspicious objects. At this point back knob, swing around the detector; encountered strong signal. The callback knob makes it easy to lock the object

For the product can use well in different environment, please adjust the button at any time.

There will be false error.

Because of the sensitivity of magnet detection will be affected by geomagnetic and the remanence iron on the surface of the products.

Magnet detection

 When the magnetic probing antenna is connected, the

"searchlight" on the antenna head is on, and the product is automatically converted to the magnetic probing mode. Acljust the "magnetic exploration balance acyustment" knob, so that the "signal indicator light" all off can be acljusted through the "signal indicating acljustnient" knob.

 Detection sensitive element installed in the antenna head light position. It is easy to find the suspicious objects poke in every possible comer with the antenna.

 The wireless detector is hard to search the signal,because it only sends a signal every hour with standby particularly long.This product can easily search the signal with built-in magnets.


 Must charged in time fwhen indicator left 1 grid means battery is low. Please use the original charging cable of this product The indicator light blinks when charging, and stays bright with fully charged.

Main Features:

Professional radio wave detection device with high sensitivity and frequency range.

 It is easy to search car office, room and other comers, cracks etc with the detector has soft antenna with searchlight magnetic sensing, and work accurate and reliable with sound and light alarm.

 Can detect equipped with mobile, unicorn telecom^G, 3G, 4G card a wire and a locator

 Can detect high speed upload GPS locator packet locator

 Can detect 1.2G/2.4G wireless camera

 Can detect more covert 5.8GHZ wireless camera, wireless eavesdropping

 Can detect stand-by locator; car tracker; etc.

 Added wireless signal waveform display function.

Technical indicators:

Frequency range: lMHz-12GHz

 Detection dynamic range: > 73Db

Detection sensitivity: < 0.03MW (main frequency band)

Detection range:

2.4ghz wireless camera: 0-25m2 (standard lOmW camera)

1.2ghz wireless camera: 0-36 m2 (standard lOmW camera)

Mobile phone signal 2G,3G,4G,5.8G: 0- 25 m2

Magnetic detection sensitivity 0- 150mm

 Indication mode: 10 level LED light indicator/visual waveform display/variable tone indicator

Power supply: built-in 3.7V1500mah lithium polymer battery Working current 65mA Continuous working: 8-15 hours

Material: aluminum alloy weight 215g

Volume: 145.6x74.3x29mm

Scope of application

1. Whether the car or office has been installed with wireless bugs or location tracking devices.

2. Whether your mobile phone has been overheard or abnormal (it sends out signals without any reason when it is standby

3. your working environment, residential building whether there is rooftop base station radiation

4. Whether the drone's camera is creeping into your window.

5. Detect wireless network signals, cell phone base station signals, wireless monitoring system.

6. Whether household appliances such as microwave ovens leak electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to human body.

7. Whether there are suspicious wireless signals in the environment

8. Check hotels, bathrooms, guesthouses, entertainment venues, dressing rooms or dignitaries, etc.

9. Business negotiations, school invigilation, factories, military facilities

10. The radio waves on the mahjong table and the movement coincidence.

11. Mortgage car used car pawnshop guarantee company small payment company Information finance company etc.

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