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Product name: New Model Mini USB Flash GPS Signal Jammer/U-DISK GPS Blocker

Product No.: NT-110D8

This kind mini USB GPS JAMMER NT-110D8 
is designed with a standard USB port (to be plugged into any USB power supply devices). The excellent heat dissipation system enables it to work for hours without getting overheated. This product has a built-in signal generating module with high stability, aligning with the signature high power signal amplifier chip. The inner high gain omni-directional board antenna provides a 360° jamming range. The product can be used in almost any conditions to protect customer from GPS tracking devices of all kinds, completely blocking signals such as GPS\GLONASS\Beidou satellite navigation system, etc.

The softly-curved outline of the product is an inspiration from China's traditional woman's apparel- Qi-Pao, and the color combination is referred from the iconic blue and white porcelain, with the decoration of a butterfly and the orchid. The design in general is high-end and sophisticated, accorded with human body engineering.
Product Specification:

  • Jamming Target: signals from GPS\GLONASS\Beidou satellite navigation system, etc.
  • Jamming Radius: 5--8M
  • Output Power: 17dBm(50mW)
  • Working Temp: -25-55ºC
  • Antenna: built-in 3dBi omni-directional board antenna
Applicable situation:
  • Use for indoor environment such as offices;
  • Use for car and truck,or even boat, etc.
How to use it: 
  • Simply plug it into any USB power supply devices.
  • After the light truned on, wait till 5-10 seconds.
  • Start jamming all tracking signals.
Basic Info:
  • Size:73.3(L) *30.3(W)*9.3(H)mm
  • USB Port Feature: Silver color, Nickel plated surface, Port 2.0
  • Signal Light Color: Green
  • Body Color: White
  • Net Weight: 11g

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